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KingTrollexBFBALT KingTrollexBFBALT 2 seconds ago

Duncan's apology about undo

Sorry, I won't gonna to do it again, Kammiesworld2013. And please unblock me.

- Duncan930Meta

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Kammiesworld2013 Kammiesworld2013 1 day ago

DA Users in Aventia

  • 1 North Atlanica
    • 1.1 United Subjects
  • 2 Aselia
    • 2.1 Pinoyria

  • mjedwin (Mark Jarvis Edwin)
    • Known for low-quality MS Paint cartoon crossovers.
  • LenardOfficial (James Lenard East)
    • A fan of the PBS Kids mascots.
    • Used to make fonts based on logo designs, but has stopped now.

  • TheRNDYNetwork (Randy Legaspi)
    • A major figure in the logo community.
    • Makes logo font concepts and CGI logos from fictional countries.
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KingTrollexBFBV2 KingTrollexBFBV2 1 day ago

YT Users in Aventia

  • 1 North Atlanica
    • 1.1 United Subjects
    • 1.2 Calena
    • 1.3 Puerto Costa
    • 1.4 Ralesia
    • 1.5 Coastland
  • 2 South Atlanica
    • 2.1 Chilaria
    • 2.2 Liazil
    • 2.3 Margentina
  • 3 Eurtania
    • 3.1 Evieline
    • 3.2 United Monarchies
    • 3.3 Elcaine
    • 3.4 Lapsania
    • 3.5 Herkatia
    • 3.6 Zakavia
    • 3.7 Luria
  • 4 Aselia
    • 4.1 Mossia
    • 4.2 Pinoyria
    • 4.3 Translaysia
    • 4.4 Irtotasia
    • 4.5 Kyantuly
    • 4.6 Gelapore
  • 5 Transalvia
    • 5.1 Gindersia
  • 6 Pacifia
    • 6.1 Dawid Islands
    • 6.2 Bertany
    • 6.3 New Sanderson
    • 6.4 Occidania
    • 6.5 Sarpathia

  • Croudy999 (John Davidson)
    • He's a Robloxian.
    • From Charlontia, North Catalina
  • FultonOfficial (Fulton Reed)
    • He was one of the Vyonders in the country.
    • He also makes Character Elimination, DVD openings, DVD updates and vlogs.
    • His first video was "Nintendo Land Ending recorded" . As you can tell, you must go to 0:45.
  • [katie mitchell] (Katie Mitchell)
    • Hailling from Silvern Val…

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Natemare2006 Natemare2006 3 days ago

Ethnography of New Leoria

Where do I start with this...

  • 1 Traditional
    • 1.1 Iderians
    • 1.2 Criollos Atlanicos
    • 1.3 Nuevaleorienses
    • 1.4 Indios
    • 1.5 Braschs/Ralandeses
    • 1.6 Xinnese

  • The predominant traditional immigrant group in Nueva Leoria
  • Usually bound to be Leorese (hence the name, Nueva Leoria), Aranulian, [Galician] and [Catalan].
    • ¡Somos iderrioles, pero no somos cosallanos!
  • They like Jelly Jamm and Pocoyo because it was made in their ancestral land.
    • Although the [Catalans] watch Pocoyo more, but they also watch Suckers and Cobi.
  • Eat a lot of empanadas, preferably beef.
  • They brought fried rice to New Leoria.

  • Dragged by Iderians from Mayanica, [Peru] and Valeria.
  • Sound like Iderians but are not.
  • Coño coño, eat burrito! (or in the Valerians' case, "coño coño drink my pisco!")

  • Descendants of these…

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Natemare2006 Natemare2006 6 days ago

YouTubers in my fictional world

Mostly IRL countries.

  • 1 North America
    • 1.1 Canada
    • 1.2 Puerto Rico
  • 2 South America
    • 2.1 Guiana
    • 2.2 Venezuela
    • 2.3 Brazil
    • 2.4 Uruguay
    • 2.5 Chile
    • 2.6 Patagonia
  • 3 Europe
    • 3.1 Hungary
    • 3.2 Catalonia
    • 3.3 Azerbaijan
    • 3.4 Turkey
  • 4 Africa
    • 4.1 South Africa
  • 5 Asia
    • 5.1 Philippines
    • 5.2 Borneo
    • 5.3 Malaysia
    • 5.4 Indonesia
  • 6 Pacific Islands
    • 6.1 Australia
    • 6.2 New Zealand

  • Joebloxian (Rénald Levésque)
    • Some playful, happy-go-lucky Roblox character.
    • Has blue hair like FNF BF
    • Speaks in autotune. Sometimes in French.
    • From Quebec (parlez français honhonhonhon), specifically Montreal.
    • Has his own show.
    • If Stampy or Finnball played Roblox.
    • He's the Cocomelon to Flamingo's PewDiePie.
  • GrimGunz (Alex Legault)
    • Edgy gunslinger guy in a ninja mask?
    • If Joebloxian were Stampy then he'd be HitTheTarget. (they're actually quite nice to each oth…

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TheFiveSixEightNine TheFiveSixEightNine 7 days ago

Message for Kammiesworld2013

Okay, so I just wanted to apologize to Kammiesworld2013 that I changed Netralia into a Kingdom. I have no intention of imitating El-Kadsre or Vicnora, I'm only inspired by Japan, I swear that I'm inspired by Japan, I'm not copying, I'm just inspired. Some time ago, I changed Occidania to a Russian-speaking country, Pretsovia. I don't intend to imitate Tayarus. I'm only inspired by American countries (especially Brazil) and I put those elements into a Russian-speaking country. For some reason, I imagined that it was put into a Russian-speaking country, so it would be more interesting.

So, give me a chance to do that, please. I promise not to copy the existing fanon countries. I very-very apologize to Kammiesworld2013 because I ripping-off the…

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Macandcheeselover Macandcheeselover 7 days ago

KW2013 and FiveSix need to say sorry to each other

Say sorry to each other now and stop demoting and changing the Net page.

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Dawidtan8 Dawidtan8 17 days ago

Country Names in Zakavian V.1.5


  • 1 Athlanikha
    • 1.1 Sivihrnih Athlanikha
    • 1.2 Huznih Athlanikha
  • 2 Eihrtaniha

  • Calena - Kalena
  • Coastland - Kustazemliha
  • Derolia - Dihruliha
  • Jessiland - Jihsihzemliha
  • Pamania - Pamaniha
  • United Subjects - Unitaive Drazvhie

  • Chilaria - Zihlariha
  • Ecrevaldia - Ikrivaldiha
  • Fulhoçar - Fuluzar
  • Liazil - Lihaziliha
  • Tigrinya - Zigrinha
  • Verdesegia - Zilinazegiha

  • Alencia - Alihnsiha
  • Anmont - Anmuhntiha
  • Austrevia - Arstriviha
  • Baltinia - Baltiniha
  • Bukonia - Bukuniha
  • Bylokia - Bilokiha
  • Danlarsk - Danlarsiha
  • Dularia - Dulariha
  • Enkaslavia - Inkaslaviha
  • Evieline - Eviliniha
  • Garvatia - Garvatiha
  • Gothsen - Guthsen
  • Herkatia - Kumaloith
  • Katovinia - Katuvinhiha
  • Kayland - Kaizemliha
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TheFiveSixEightNine TheFiveSixEightNine 16 days ago

TV Schedule in Aventia

You can create your own fanmade TV schedule here both now, future and in the past!

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Gbence Production Gbence Production 28 December 2021

Furious message to Dawidtan8

Here is a furious message to Dawidtan8: Okay, you have to pay for this right now! I'm very tired of reverting my edits at the whole time! What are you doing to this pal? This would be the war crime! Oh my god, if you revert my edit, if you revert my edit one more time, one more time, i swear, i swear! I'll desysop and drag you for sistance!

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Natemare2006 Natemare2006 7 December 2021

Maharlika Islands rules/stereotypes

  • Basically the not-Philippines of my other Earth, Telluria.
  • In a nutshell: IRL Philippines (geography) + JCD Media's Philippines (television channels and lore) + my Twisted Philippines AU (lore, ethnic composition, demographics, YouTubers) + Myanmar (partially lore)

  • The unluckiest country ever to get colonized because they were colonized thrice. First they get colonized by Ideria, then (culturally) by the FLs, and then occupied by Horai in the War of 1939. Well at least they got a break between 1898 and 1942 and then were left alone in 1945.
    • However it won't be safe for long, as Sikuo is feasting on its territories in the Southeastern Oriental Sea, and the Haeguks' cultural virus is spreading real fast.
      • In fact, the cultural virus has already a…

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Gbence Production Gbence Production 2 December 2021

I am done.

Hello, everyone. I am so angry about this. Stop renaming my owned country in Telluria. I am done with this, Kammiesworld2013. But i'm not leaving Fandom (including Fic Wiki) after all. Just, end the owned country rename. It's for LOSERS! I don't care what how i should ever bring back the old name.

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Kammiesworld2013 Kammiesworld2013 25 November 2021


Stop with the Eastern-Europetania-wank. There were many Eastern European countries through history with standard, non-colonial empires, like Austria-Hungary and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but there has never been an Eastern European country in real life with a colonial empire. They didn’t have enough access to the sea to even be able to get there before the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese did. Just get rid of the “OMG FORMER (insert Eastern Eurtanian country here) COLONY!!1” countries, which are just blatant ripoffs of my own countries in the same continent (Pacifia) of Aventia, but with some canonically-Eastern-Eurtanian language instead of English. We don’t even have a proper Brazil or India, which is 40% of BRICS missi…

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YSN-LittleDino YSN-LittleDino 24 November 2021

About Iyaraja

So this is my first blog in this wiki.

I just want to make Iyaraja like what it be, And I just want to make it different from The Real Life Thailand.

and... I'm native Thai, that's why I come here.

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Kammiesworld2013 Kammiesworld2013 24 November 2021

Hey everyone

Can we STOP with all the Esperanto-wank? Herkatia is good enough on its own, we don’t need a zillion Esperanto countries. Occidania and Sarpathia (more like Ocrapdania and Shitpathia) are completely unnecessary, and seem like ripoffs of my own countries in Aventia: Kittenolivia and Intenolia. Seriously, it’s time to stop. Herkatia and Zakavia do NOT need a colonial empire, because no Eastern European countries had colonial empires IRL, only Western European ones. Kammiesworld2013 (talk) 03:54, 24 November 2021 (UTC)

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KingTrollexBFB KingTrollexBFB 8 September 2021

Fox is now Star in Southeast Aselia

Disney announced that the Fox-branded channels (including Fox, Fox Life and Fox Movies) will be rebranded to Star-branded channels on October 1.

As such, the IRL (Southeast Asia) feeds of Fox, Fox Life, Fox Crime, FX, Fox Movies channels and Fox Sports channels will be closed the same day.

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TheFiveSixEightNine TheFiveSixEightNine 16 days ago

History of Television in Kyantuly

Television in Kyantuly is started in 1952, when state-owned KBC TV began to broadcasting – the third country in Southeast Aselia to do so. KTV later was renamed by KBC, stands for Kyantulese Broadcasting Corporation following the merging of Kyantulese Television & Kyantulese Radio. KBC held a monopoly in Kyantulese Television with KET (the educational network) & DBS (a cultural network) until 1977 when the first commercial broadcaster, RBC, began broadcasting.

  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Early years
    • 1.2 Barlan's Regime
    • 1.3 Private Television
  • 2 Types of Kyantulese television broadcast
    • 2.1 Terrestrial
    • 2.2 Satellite
    • 2.3 Cable
    • 2.4 Mobile
  • 3 Most-viewed channels

The first time the Kyantulese public witnessed the demonstration of television was in 1945 during the Gelikese occupation…

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KingTrollexBFB KingTrollexBFB 19 May 2021


Hi! I am KTBFBV2 and I have something to say.

So which means, Kittenolivia is Aventia's Australia.

That's all. Goodbye.

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Dawidtan8 Dawidtan8 4 April 2021

Weirdest Endings

  • 1 Zakavia
  • 2 Dawid Islands
  • 3 Garvatia
  • 4 Gindersia
  • 5 Sarpathia

Sauce: "Annexation: The Game"

  • Current Ending: Nothing happen here, here, come along
  • Good Ending: Zakavia is a Best Country with the Best Console Company unlike you, Non-Arvah Moron!
  • Bad Ending: Zakavia stronk, Remove Kumaloith
  • Arvah Ending: Zakavia is a Bad Country if there's a Angry Guy with a Funny Moustache. If u live in Herkatia, that will be in Trouble :/
  • Ah Shit, Here we Go Again Ending: Tf is wrong with Luxemania and Premania?

Sauce: "The Adventures of Jorge Castro de la Barra"

  • Current Ending: Nothing, just Me eating [Dawidian Indomie] Fried Noodles.
  • Good Ending: DI has the Same Power between Irtotasia and Pinoyria as what …

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Dawidtan8 Dawidtan8 1 April 2021

Message to Terrabrats


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Dawidtan8 Dawidtan8 31 March 2021

Television in Dawid Islands


In April 3rd, 1958, Television sets came recived in Northeast Dawid Islands from Toadetteslands and Dawidian Television System is The First TV Station in The Country. The airing time was from 9:00 am to 8:30pm Dawidian Time and the First Program to air is a Movie from Netralia, [TDB]. The Mission was to Send 12,000 tv sets to Peoples in Early 1959 but it was Halted due to a Earthquake in Kenburgh and Portsmouth in March 2nd, 1959 and 52,000 citizens were lost and dead and just finished near Maldesin Metro and near Border of Metro area. The Broadcasts were Resumed in 1961 2 years after the Earthquake. The First Broadcasts to spread outside Kenburgh and Maldesin is in Tardleson, Portsmouth (1962), Barlesin, Hemisforth (1963…

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KMFStudios KMFStudios 27 March 2021

Message to the Gapiabrats

  1. Dream Logos Wiki was created in 2011, while LFP was created in 2013. So no, you weren't "ThErE fIrSt".
  2. If LFP isn't toxic, then why did BigSpin and ITVDude move their countries to the "Dream X" wikis years ago?
  3. Reporting my account won't do jack. I've tried reporting a legitimate troll who wants me dead over some drama from late-2019 multiple times, and Wikia Staff always tell me to just "deal with it".
  4. No, wikis can't be restored once they're redirected. I learned this the hard way when a fanon wiki me and BigSpin modded was redirected to Logopedia (not even a fanon wiki) without any admin consent.
  5. I reported LFP because you kept saying rude things about me behind my back. And, once you found out you got reported, you continued your old habit…
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KMFStudios KMFStudios 22 March 2021

Introducing BOT countries to Aventia

If you know anything about Gapia, you know what BOT countries are. They are countries that have no owner, and can be edited by anyone. I had the idea to put BOT countries in Aventia when I noticed that a lot of real countries, like Brazil or Japan, had no Aventian counterpart yet.

  • Kawashuki = Japan
  • Mrazil = Brazil
  • Yinglao = PRC/China
  • Kaiwan = ROC/Taiwan
  • North Jingkeuk = North Korea
  • South Jingkeuk = South Korea
  • Austriala = Australia
  • New Tealand = New Zealand
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Dawidtan8 Dawidtan8 17 March 2021

News Programs in Nertany

Special Thanks to Abdi for Helping!

  • 1 NBS
  • 2 ITN
  • 3 SBC
  • 4 GCN and GNT
  • 5 MBA

  • Newscast
  • Newsdesk
  • Newsnight

  • Reporter
  • National Diary
  • ITN's Journal
  • ITN's Nightly News

  • The Prime
  • SBC News at 2
  • The Primetime
  • SBC News at 12

  • Nertany's Face
  • Today's Report
  • Facts Now
  • Tonight on News

  • MBA Morning News
  • MBA Evening News
  • MBA Night News
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KMFStudios KMFStudios 22 February 2021

Message to Test

This is the only place you're looking anyway, so here goes.

I compared you to a VyondBrat because you have too many similarities to one:

  1. You can't handle other people's opinions on Gapia.
  2. You make false ripoff claims and think every other Earth-based worldbuilding prohect (pther than your own Nara) is a ripoff of Gapia.

Are you aware that all content on Wikia/Fandom is licensed under a Creative Commons License, meaning that anyone can reuse it, for any purpose, forever? So stop whining about "MUH PLAGIARISM!!1", especially since parts of Gapia are plagiarized from APFS, JavaTV, and mocks on YouTube, not to mention real-life TV channels. Double standard much?

Also, Bangladesh will never be in Gapia. Hoes mad.

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Hancju2002 Hancju2002 31 January 2021

BREAKING NEWS - The Big First War on Fic Wiki

Attention, Fic wikis,

Fic Wiki is under control and that's really selected Andrei Vintilă's sockpuppeting users follows:

  • Alexor007
  • Ausnic
  • ColeYes Evil ColeNo
  • Dekanica Keke
  • Fulalal
  • Fungus 10
  • Going to Cajvana
  • Mario Enemies angry sun can be defeated iceballs
  • Meganten
  • Mexico Saudi ARABIA
  • Minno Servotti
  • Multiskanic Multiskanical
  • Pineballs
  • Polus Map
  • SHAORMA2007
  • Sierraleonehere
  • Spasin
  • UpcTVGreenlandblah
  • Vintila
  • Vintilandrei
  • Vintilandrei123

I'm Hancju2002 and really sorry for blocked, but important is stay Fic Wiki to more contents. Thanks for attention.

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