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Elsenda Sistemo De Kumaloit (ESK; Esperanto for "Herkatian Broadcasting System") was the state television broadcaster in the Herkatian Democratic Socialist Republic (HDSR or South Herkatia) from 1953 to 1991.

Before ESK Launched, that channel is called Kumaloitha Nasihonalihsiha Radihon i Tilreobiskei from 1931 until 1945, and its the only one of Zakavian Herkatia's television channel. Later in 1945 after Zakavia's surrenders, KNRT is replace by NSK (Nacia Sistemo de Kumaloit), it was short lived, then it's changed again to Elsenda Centra Televidilo in 1946 as a Herkatia's television channel. After Herkatia divided into North & South, ECT becomes a television in South Herkatia and no longer airing in North Herkatia, then North Herkatian Television was replace by Kumaloit Telekanalo that launched just a year later. later in 1953 the channel is change to a more familiar name, Elsenda Sistemo De Kumaloit. The second-channel of ESK was launched in 1964 during the colorization of South Herkatia's television. After Herkatian Unification, ESK sign-off for the last time, it was replaced by KRT's affiliates, [??], [??] & [??].

Kumaloitha Nasihonalihsiha Radihon i Tilreobiskei

1931-1934 (experimental phase)

KNRT 1931.png



Nacia Sistemo De Kumaloit


Elsenda Centra Televidilo


In 1948 after the Independence of North & South Martania, EC became the flagship-channel in South Martania, and the flagship-channel in North Martania became "Kumaloit Telekanalo" that is launched a year later.

Elsenda Sistemo De Kumaloit






ESK ceased operations just after midnight in Herkatian Unification. It was replaced by:

  • [??]
  • [??]
  • [??]

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