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TV6 Kittenolivia

1986-March 1987

TV6 Kittenolivia.png

On 28 January 1986, M6 was launched as TV6 Kittenolivia and replaced its prelaunch logo by the channel’s first logo. With it, the channel was launched on 1 March 1986, but its first logo was short-lived.


March–September 1987

March–June 1987

On 1 March 1987, TV6 Kittenolivia was closed down and replaced by a new channel called M6. Its first logo was a 3D-animated M coloured blue with a red 6 appearing to the right.

June–September 1987

On 1 June 1987, M6 slightly remodified its network logo by making the red "6" become more abstract with the blue "M" grows more bigger thus the "Metropole Television" is removed from the logo.


September 1987–1999

M6 1987 logo.png

On 1 September 1987, M6 replaced its original logo in favour of a new logo which consists of an abstract "M" coloured grey with the red "6" is now placed on the top at the middle of the grey "M" by having a new set of idents and also a new theme music to the set.


M6 logo 1997.png

On 1 September 1999, M6 got another new logo, with the M coloured in dark blue.


M6 2009.png

On 30 November 2009, M6 unveiled another new logo, wherein the logo has been given a matte 3D effect and the M is now light grey instead of bluish-black. The 6 is now a scarlet-white gradient color as well. A new graphics package and set of idents, designed by the Paris-based Barjabulle, were introduced on 16 November 2015 that retained the 3D look. Novecento Sans, an all-uppercase font, was used in on-screen typography. (It is also used by M6 Music since March 2020.) Over a hundred idents were produced for the channel, featuring everyday objects in various situations, all ending with the jingle Woah-oh-oh M6 in the D major chord.


M6 (2020-.n.v.).png

A new flat logo and a new graphics package were introduced on 1 September 2020. The logo now appears in plain white and red (or grey and red on a white background), losing the 3D effects it had had over the years and instead goes for the flat variant in use since 1987.

The new graphics were designed by Gédéon, which had rebranded sister channel W6.2 in November 2018. A new custom font, GRTSK, was created for the channel.

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