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Myx is a Fernandese music channel owned by VTN Media through ABS-CBN Corporation. It partially owns FurTV, a furry-oriented TV channel.



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It was founded in 2001 as ABS-CBN MTV, originally a joint venture between ABS-CBN and Viacom's music channel MTV.

The deal was eventually broken in 2006 when ABS-CBN broke its deal with Viacom after the latter company admitted to multiple complaints that Viacom bribed ABS-CBN employees into signing contracts deemed "unfair". Viacom's Philippines branch was shut down and blacklisted from holding any joint ventures with other channels.



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After winning the ABS-CBN Corporation v. Viacom International bribery case, ABS-CBN MTV was renamed Myx with a new logo to match, disowning all references to MTV and/or Viacom as a consequence.

The channel mascot, an anthropomorphic wolf-DJ named Myxie, was introduced in 2021 as part of the channel's 20th anniversary celebrations.