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Literally a 13yo person who lives in Central Visayas Region in The Philippines (yes, Bisaya ko mga b0ang) who likes Fictional Countries and Planets (also likes Minecraft, Roblox and Genshin Impact) and gets Feared when it comes to Drama.

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Where should i Reside???

  • IRL: Guindulman, Bohol, Philippines
  • Aventia: Lisgeith City, Lisgeith, Sarpathia
  • Gapia: Hointes, Eusloida
  • Terra Republic: Kesgabat, Makedistia
  • Darvia: Gartilia, Hagalia
  • KMF's AU: Namila, Kamaysia
  • DFW's Earth: El Kadsre City, El Kadsre
  • Telluria: Niladia, Maharlika Islands
  • Intelgalax: Intelpore

Countries i Owned

  • Zakavia (my First Country)
  • Dawid Islands
  • Garvatia
  • Gindersia
  • Mertsian
  • Haichikama
  • Tarkinga (formerly Tingongo by 5689)
  • Sarpathia
  • Verdesegia
  • Ecrevaldia (half belongs to Duncan/KTBFB)
  • Nistaragia
  • Zeldia (formerly owned by 5689)

I Own Planet Darvia but Yes. (South Talyuria and [Oceania] is Crazy lol)


  • Zakavia: Serbia (Geography) + Dekania (Climate) + Germany (Nazi Influence and East and West Zakavia) + Fictionalized Serbian + Singaporean Parliament + Herkatia's Politics
  • Dawid Islands: Indonesia (Geography) + Philippines (Climate) + Kyantuly (Dictatorship, also Equivalent to Philippines) + Australia's Television Industry + Philippine TV Presentation Aesthetics + Philippine Stereotypes + Philippine Politics
  • Garvatia: Croatia (Geography and Climate) + Fictionalized Portuguese + Slovakian Politics
  • Tarkinga: Congo (Geography and Climate) + Angolan TV Aesthetics (same as Artjadia lol)
  • Sarpathia: Philippines (Geography and Climate) + a bit of Occidania and Ludussia + Ecuadorian and Chilean TV Aesthetics + Malaysian Politics
  • Zeldia: Philippines (Climate and Geography) + China's Communisim + Vietnam's Policies + Chinese TV Aesthetics

My Favorite Countries

  • Nertralia
    • First Country on This Wiki
    • Formerly Nertany and Euslaria
  • Herkatia (CHANEL NINE NEUS)
    • ethethethethe ethethethethe ethethethethe
    • Home to Calma and idk
    • Formerly Martania
  • Pinoyria (P*TANGIN*AAAAA)
    • T*ng-in* mo, Jhepoy Dizon
    • [Isko Moreno] vs [Alfredy], control your temper, so don't be angry
    • Krazy
  • Luxemgary
  • United Monarchies (u wot m8)
    • *Eastenders theme starts playing*
    • 0118-999-881-999-119-725... 3
  • Trouaine (Honhonhonhonhon Baguette Omelette du Fromage)
  • Lurenistan (Long Live Abdilahmadow)
  • Geliki (also known as onii-chanland)
    • Baka
  • Yingzhou (Buy Jiafei nothing happen in 1989)
  • Sagdia (what if theres Chechen mfs in Aventia's Southeast Asia)
    • Also Avoila AVOILA NOT COUNTRY!!!
  • Luicxax
    • Lui-sus
      • Yeah enough of your early 2021 humor
  • Occidania
  • ʎuɐʇɹǝ𐐒
    • ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥ⊥
    • Authorized by the Bertanian Government, [Insert City Here]
  • Vicland (Hyvat Herrat intro starts playing)
  • Kyantuly
  • Evieline
    • aka the Arvah Zakavia ripoff
  • Kittenolivia
    • Netraliaball: Hey i found a Kitten called "Olivia". I need to named that cuz i don't know.
  • Liazil
  • Tayarus (also known as Mossia DawidiaFunny version free download on ZKE Opsys Mobile 3kb no Virus no Hamiya)

Software i Used

  • My Phone: Samsung Galaxy A20s
  • ibisPaint X
  • Flag Maker
  • Background Eraser





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