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I want to make my fake world better than Gapia has ever been.


  • IRL: General Trias City, Cavite, Philippines
  • DFW's Earth: Dvoreki, FD Dvoreki, Malichka
  • Gapia: Gangbok, Great Gritain You do not dare punish me, unspeakable one.
  • Intelgalax: Intelpore
  • Telluria: General Terrano, Caviquia, Maharlika Islands



  • Malichka: Pre-1997 Hong Kong + Slovenia + some Canada + China's Liaoning Province + Manchuria + Japan's media + elements of the UK + Scandinavians + Koreans
  • Borneo: IRL Borneo (but mostly Sarawak as well) + Former Rebornore (now Intelpore) + Malacca and Penang's ethnic history and groups + Sweden + Finland + elements from Australia + Germanic Jews + Shi'ites + some Indian Muslims + politics of Brunei and Malaysia
  • Patagonia: IRL Patagonia (geography and indigenous groups) + New Zealand (climate) + Canada (reconciliation and its minorities) + United States (multiculturalism and use of TV call-signs) + Chile and Argentina (elements of cuisine) + German diaspora groups + bits of Mobiyuz's cancelled Patagonia AU, Desire the Right and every "Le BrItIsH aRgEnTiNa/PaTaGoNiA" althist

Polandball Fanon

  • Kyushu: Independent Kyushu in the style of Lorelei to Japan's Felicia
  • Avalon: South Africa + Namibia + New Zealand (geography and climate) + some Australia + Luxembourg + Belgium
  • New Alsace: French Zamboanga
  • New Schleswig: German Malacca
  • Emas Empire: IRL Malacca + German New Guinea (partially) + some Penang + Scandinavians

Dream World Wiki

  • The Guianas: IRL Guianas as one country (but mostly Suriname), with elements of Canada and the Caribbean Netherlands.
  • Beyazistan: Liberal Turkophone Turkmenistan as a social democracy.
  • Sudetia: Sudetenland (it's in the name) + Austria + Czechoslovakia + some Switzerland
  • Aegea and the Atlantic Islands: United States (and its multiculturalism) + Falklands (geographically) + Greek-based place names + United Kingdom + Marcos' Philippines but in the present
  • Vasterian Archipelago: Caribbean El Kadsreian Islands
    • Vasteria: El Kadsre + Jamaica + Australia
    • New Hainaut: Belgian Haiti with elements of Panama and Colombia
    • Ablachia: Trinidad-Tobago + Ireland + Scotland
    • Dardania: Kosovo II with Caribbean influence

AltHistory Wiki

  • Philippines (9.2021): IRL Philippines + modern-day Colonial Philippines + more diverse Spanish population + original networks
    • Philippines (12.2021): OG Twisted Philippines + JCD Mocknet + some more elements of IRL Philippines (its networks especially) + ethnography of Spanish Philippines
  • Quebec: IRL Quebec + more diverse French population (added Bourguignons) + different networks


  • Hazaristan: Beefier Azerbaijan
  • Hoanhai: Vietnamese-Cambodian Southern Laos?
  • Mauritsland: Australia + Jamaica + Cuba + Suriname + Central America + some Honduras
  • Vilorelis: If Bill Cipher won in the Gravity Falls timeline and took over Canada

My countries in IRL


  • When Greater Slovenia, the Cantonese-speaking part of China, Manchuria and the Anglosphere fornicate, you get this.
  • Used to be a remake of Malit called Malidia, but KMF suggested "Malichka" instead, and as a result became more original over time.


  • Most Miraculous haters outside the US, due to a certain episode that offended them.
    • Astruc refused to apologize and MBS Funhouse supported his decision leading to Malichkans forcing Funhouse to make bad endings to shows.
  • Any semblance of Ryu-kun being spotted automatically draws M-pop fans in.
  • They have a wine so lush in taste, smell and look that anyone who tries it never goes back.
  • Don't wave a finger there. You'll cause bad luck with that sign.
  • The furriest country in the world.
    • In fact it's the country with the most furries in Asia, with Taiwan in 2nd place and the Philippines in 3rd.
  • The only part of Asia to be Slavic without being Slavic.


  • UGStudios' headcanon of Goiky, but extra-tangy.
  • South Africa + Belgium + 15% more Britain + bits of Luxembourg and Namibia + a temperate austral climate.


  • Where Furry Power Rangers grew up, although it was born in Australia.
  • Site of a war between Furry Power Rangers and a certain French cartoon.
    • It hasn't ended, it hasn't just begun either, we're only midway.


  • Used to be one of those Minecraftia countries when it was created in June 2020, until it was given a makeover in November 2021.
  • 2020's Borneo in a nutshell: Brunei + Sarawak + Kalimantan + Sabah + Central Europeans + Scandinavians + Indonesians
    • 2021's Borneo in a nutshell: 2020's Borneo (sans Central Europeans) + Malacca + Ex-Rebornore


  • Proud to be a condemner of China's so-called "social credit" system.
  • Where the first form of the whole "blueberry inflation" thing originated. As a folklore story.
  • They can't and won't air Miraculous because they know what happened in Malichka.
  • For no reason, blackface isn't taboo there.
    • In fact 1.05 million of the 27 million Borneans think it's good.
  • Home of a famous cartoon about a kid gaining access to prehistoric magic and becoming a superhero.
    • Captain Planet 2, I suppose.
    • The animation style makes it look like TAT Productions created it.


  • Used to be Edwardia, meant as a revenge scheme against The Unspeakable. Later rewritten to be more original over time.
  • Lives up to literally every Anglophone country stereotype.


  • Your accent makes you sound like Memeulous...with a Welsh tinge.
    • Then some random nonce somehow gains access to their home, and leaves a trail of really dodgy-looking M&M's for them to follow.
    • Innit?
    • I'm a Roadman and I was born one in Wales.
  • Home of the wackiest shows to ever rock the Southern Hemisphere:
  • Each state has its own diaspora majority.
    • Dutch in Araucany.
    • Chileans in Neuquen.
    • Argentines in Rio Negro.
    • Germans in Seeland (it's even in the name!)
    • Italians in Bariloche.
    • Swedes in Aisen.
    • Welsh in Chubut.
    • Russians in Esperance.
    • French in Saint Croix (it's even in the name, too)
    • Belgians in Gueryke.
    • Swiss in Magellania.
    • Croats in Fireland.
  • Home to Patagonian English, a dialect of British English that sounds like the fornication of Welsh English and British English with Mapudungun and Spanish.
    • The second one, as well as Kawésqar, happen to be de facto official.
  • Your personality depends on the city you live in.
    • Any Portman (Port Davis inhabitant) either likes any of the four genres of music, depending on your personality or political view (EDM and rock are fighting for dominance), gets to eat a lot of fancy food, or gets extremely stressed out from all that work.
    • If you live in Patagonia's second largest city, New Dartmouth, you're a metalcore fan or just straight up edgy.
    • The Southernest City in the World, Oshovia (Zagreb 2.0) is heaven for retro gamers, but also hell for people who suffer with abusive and drunken dads.
    • To the folks living in the Jamtland Triad (Port Madryn-Lewisburg-Rawson), always expect a lot of amateur rappers.
  • Patagonia's ethnography makes it seem like America 2, seeing how they're mostly white, with some blacks, some Asians, some Latinos and a sizeable minority of natives.
    • A lot of the English people in Patagonia (a quarter or less of the British descendant population) are from any part of England, but most likely to be from one of these parts of England: Cumbria, East Anglia, Dorset, the West Midlands, Cockneyland and Geordieland.
    • Are the Scots Hebrideans and Highlanders?
      • Yeah, according to Wikipedia.
    • The French of Sainte Croix are mostly a mix of Quebecers and Acadians with traces of Huguenots. Mainland French (from the northwestern parts of France) aren't as prevalent as the Huguenots are.
    • Native groups: Mapuche, Tehuelche, Kawésqar, Pehuenche, Selk'nam, etc.
    • Who says there are no Africans in Patagonia? 2% of the population is Afro-Patagonian.
      • They're bound to either be Zulu, Xhosa or even Yoruba, but are mostly descendants of Ethiopian peoples.
      • Some whites even assimilated, and now go around wearing blackface. Much to the ire of the Republican Front and the Patagonian National Party.
    • Seeland, home of the capital Port Davis, is full of Germans.
      • Most of them were descendants of the Germans who founded the city.
      • Plus there are Hutterites (Tyroleans who moved to Moravia and Hungary, then Transylvania, then Wallachia and then Ukraine before going to the US) who were invited from Canada and the US.
      • And Mennonites (they're in Argentina too).
      • Don't forget the Amish, a bunch of Swiss and Rheinlanders who love their buggies.
      • The Palatines (Germans from the Palatinate who settled in England and then the US) also have diaspora populations in Seeland.
      • And also the Hunsrückisch (who came from Hunsrück to Canada, America and Brazil).
      • And some Walsers, Danube Swabians, Carpathian Germans and many many many more German groups. And now you thought Pennsylvania was that German.
    • Expect yodel jumpscares when walking out at night in Magellania. Blame the Swiss diaspora majority population for this.
    • The Olędrzy (Polish Dutch) have minority populations in New Dartmouth.
    • Don't be surprised if you live in Fireland and one of your classmates simps for (fictional) DJ Lytestep.