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I want to make my fake world better than Gapia has ever been.


  • IRL: General Trias City, Cavite, Philippines
  • DFW's Earth: Dvoreki, FD Dvoreki, Malichka
  • Gapia: Gangbok, Great Gritain You do not dare punish me, unspeakable one.
  • Intelgalax: Intelpore
  • Telluria: Jayapore (used to be General Terrano, Caviquia, Maharlika Islands, but there was a coup)



  • Malichka: Pre-1997 Hong Kong + Slovenia + some Canada + China's Liaoning Province + Manchuria + Japan's media + elements of the UK + Scandinavians + Koreans
  • Borneo: IRL Borneo (but mostly Sarawak as well) + Former Rebornore (now Intelpore) + Malacca and Penang's ethnic history and groups + Sweden + Finland + elements from Australia + Germanic Jews + Shi'ites + some Indian Muslims + politics of Brunei and Malaysia
  • Patagonia: IRL Patagonia (geography and indigenous groups) + New Zealand (climate) + Canada (Anglo-French bilingualism, reconciliation and to some extent its minorities) + United States (multiculturalism and use of TV call-signs) + elements from Chile (including its cuisine) + Quebec + Acadians + Argentine Mennonites + Pennsylvanian Amish + politics of the Philippines and Indonesia

Polandball Fanon

  • Kyushu: Independent Kyushu in the style of Lorelei to Japan's Felicia
  • Avalon: South Africa + Namibia + New Zealand (geography and climate) + some Australia + Luxembourg + Belgium
  • New Alsace: French Zamboanga
  • New Schleswig: German Malacca
  • Emas Empire: IRL Malacca + German New Guinea (partially) + some Penang + Scandinavians

Dream World Wiki

  • The Guianas: IRL Guianas as one country (but mostly Suriname), with elements of Canada and the Caribbean Netherlands.
  • Beyazistan: Liberal Turkophone Turkmenistan as a social democracy.
  • Sudetia: Sudetenland (it's in the name) + Austria + Czechoslovakia + some Switzerland
  • Aegea and the Atlantic Islands: United States (and its multiculturalism) + Falklands (geographically) + Greek-based place names + United Kingdom + Marcos' Philippines but in the present
  • Vasterian Archipelago: Caribbean El Kadsreian Islands
    • Vasteria: El Kadsre + Jamaica + Australia
    • New Hainaut: Belgian Haiti with elements of Panama and Colombia
    • Ablachia: Trinidad-Tobago + Ireland + Scotland
    • Dardania: Kosovo II with Caribbean influence

AltHistory Wiki

  • Philippines (9.2021): IRL Philippines + modern-day Colonial Philippines + more diverse Spanish population + original networks
    • Philippines (12.2021): OG Twisted Philippines + JCD Mocknet + some more elements of IRL Philippines (its networks especially) + ethnography of Spanish Philippines
  • Quebec: IRL Quebec + more diverse French population (added Bourguignons) + different networks


  • Hazaristan: Beefier Azerbaijan
  • Hoanhai: Vietnamese-Cambodian Southern Laos?
  • Mauritsland: Australia + Jamaica + Cuba + Suriname + Central America + some Honduras
  • Vilorelis: If Bill Cipher won in the Gravity Falls timeline and took over Canada

My countries in IRL


  • Part of an AU where the Philippines is more diverse ethnically.
  • In a nutshell: IRL Philippines + the setting of JCD's MockNet + my Twisted Philippines AU from September 2021 + a modern-day Spanish Philippines + some of a modern-day version of the pre-colonial Philippines + remnants of the Marcos Era.


  • The unluckiest country ever to get colonized because they were colonized thrice. First they get colonized by Spain, then (culturally) by the US, and then occupied by Japan in the War of 1939. Well at least they got a break between 1898 and 1942 (although they still had to suffer the consequences of American influence) and then were left alone in 1945.
    • However it won't be safe for long, as China is feasting on its territories in the South China Sea, and the Koreans' cultural virus is spreading real fast.
      • In fact, the cultural virus has already affected grammar and eating habits.
        • This actually happened to be one of the reasons a certain orange wolf was created.
  • THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES, AN ARCHIPELAGO, FULL OF-wait, that's based on an American song. I'm out.
    • Try Dalagang Pilipina instead.
  • There's Wuffy, there's DJ Kitsune, there's every YouTuber with characteristics and personalities you won't really find in America.
    • DJ Kitsune? Awesome name for a YouTuber.
      • Talk about some Pinoy guy dressing as a white dude who's 8 years older than him.
      • He's also a host (for you Britons, it's a continuity announcer), or VJ for that matter, for ABS-CBN's equivalent to MTV and Adult Swim: Myx. And Yey (the Philippines' Nickelodeon) too.
    • There's also Mr. Roblox Robber. He dresses as, behaves as, and has many of the characteristics of a bank robber, and we mean the cartoony "bank robber" stereotype because Roblox.
      • He wears a mask...under a mask. Or to be exact, the Studio 135 Chiseled Silicone Mask under a ninja mask-style balaclava, but other clothes include his black turtleneck, black leather gloves and black sweatpants.
      • He's also a Myx VJ/host (and associate YouTuber to that one blue haired cheeseburger slider-eating guy from the French-speaking part of Canada.)
    • And you know that evil YouTuber fanfic they call Enderlox? Well, that was 2015, but Henry "DJ Enderlox" Alvaro Reyes of Calamba is keeping his legacy alive.
      • Interested in both Minecraft and FNF? Huh. That's weird for an English-speaking Filipino gamer.
      • Unlike the above guys he isn't a Myx VJ because he isn't popular enough.
      • He put a meme from 2015 in FNF, a game in 2020. baka.
  • Expect a lot of furries in the Philippines. In fact the Philippines has the 3rd-largest furry population in Asia behind Taiwan and Malichka.
  • Other than the eight major ethnic groups: Tagalogs, Cebuanos, Ilocanos, Kapampangan, Waray, Pangasinense, Hiligaynon and Bicolanos, and the six clades of Highland Peoples of the Philippines, there are also Criollos, Sangley Mestizos, Torna Atras, and the Chavacano Creoles.
    • There are also the Katutubo, a class of Philippine ethnic group that are basically versions of these eight major ethnic groups but without the Spanish influence. Those with Spanish influence (IRL most of them) would be classified as Mestizo.
    • If New Rhumb has Rumish, the Philippines has Ermitan Spanish Creole, a different kind of Chavacano that is a mix of Mexican Spanish and Castilian Spanish with Tagalog from Tondo, Hokkien from Binondo and some English from Makati.
      • Sadly unlike New Rhumb, it's only spoken by 10-15% of the population of Manila.
    • OG Tagalog, along with Cebuano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Waray, Pangasinense, Hiligaynon and Bikol, are all co-official.
    • The six Highland Peoples of the Philippines: Igorot, Lumad, Mangyan, Negrito, Palaweño and Suludnon, are all recognized ethnic groups. Because why not?
  • Four Horsemen of Philippine Television: VTN Media (VTN 31 and ABS-CBN 2), GMA 7, PBS 4 and TV5.
  • What if the country's TV networks were Countryhumans?
    • VTN and ABS-CBN: Husband and wife (sister channels) who are both liberal. VTN, the news enthusiast/gamer, is a closeted DJ, while ABS-CBN, who deems himself the queen of Philippine TV, just came out as a furry.
      • ANC: The news-savviest guy since he's a news channel.
        • BPlus: ANC's business-savvy brother.
      • DZMM TeleRadyo: Just like any other Filipino tito, drinks and smokes often, but still news-savvy.
      • OShopping: The guy nobody cares about, who owns a stall at an ukay-ukay (akin to a bazaar)
      • Myx: Literally DJ Myxie. Seems to be into K-Pop.
        • FurTV: Myx and Furaffinity's lovechild and the reason ABS-CBN became a furry.
      • C1: The movie director archetype. Always wears a bandanna.
      • CineMo: C1's brother who is an actor.
      • Lifestyle: The showy mom archetype.
      • TFC: ABS-CBN's son who's a seafarer (Filipinization is seaman).
      • Yey!: The youngest of ABS-CBN's children.
      • KCh: The genius because he's an educational channel for obvious reasons.
    • GMA: The more conservative and conventional of the gang. Since GMA seems to be liked by Filipino moms, she is portrayed as one.
    • TV5: The athletic guy (because he shows a lot of basketball.)
    • PBS: The boss. Hates it when being mistaken for the American PBS.
    • FEN: A soldier like his target audience.
    • CNN PH: News-savvy (like VTN) but mostly has American influence.
  • So much to learn about, it'll make you wanna shout "Billy!"
    • Isn't that Bobby Nalzaro if he took on the role of the United States' Blippi (with elements from Joebloxian of Quebec and Stampy of the United Kingdom)?
    • Airing on PBS 4 since 2010.
    • There's an American version of it.
  • Some news anchors are hidden YouTubers...
  • Badass political campaign ads are a thing.


  • When Greater Slovenia, the Cantonese-speaking part of China, Manchuria and the Anglosphere fornicate, you get this.
  • Used to be a remake of Malit called Malidia, but KMF suggested "Malichka" instead, and as a result became more original over time.


  • Most Miraculous haters outside the US, due to a certain episode that offended them.
    • Astruc refused to apologize and MBS Funhouse supported his decision leading to Malichkans forcing Funhouse to make bad endings to shows.
  • Any semblance of Ryu-kun being spotted automatically draws M-pop fans in.
  • They have a wine so lush in taste, smell and look that anyone who tries it never goes back.
  • Don't wave a finger there. You'll cause bad luck with that sign.
  • The furriest country in the world.
    • In fact it's the country with the most furries in Asia, with Taiwan in 2nd place and the Philippines in 3rd.
  • The only part of Asia to be Slavic without being Slavic.


  • UGStudios' headcanon of Goiky, but extra-tangy.
  • South Africa + Belgium + 15% more Britain + bits of Luxembourg and Namibia + a temperate austral climate.


  • Where Furry Power Rangers grew up, although it was born in Australia.
  • Site of a war between Furry Power Rangers and a certain French cartoon.
    • It hasn't ended, it hasn't just begun either, we're only midway.


  • Used to be one of those Minecraftia countries when it was created in June 2020, until it was given a makeover in November 2021.
  • 2020's Borneo in a nutshell: Brunei + Sarawak + Kalimantan + Sabah + Central Europeans + Scandinavians + Indonesians
    • 2021's Borneo in a nutshell: 2020's Borneo (sans Central Europeans) + Malacca + Ex-Rebornore


  • Proud to be a condemner of China's so-called "social credit" system.
  • Where the first form of the whole "blueberry inflation" thing originated. As a folklore story.
  • They can't and won't air Miraculous because they know what happened in Malichka.
  • For no reason, blackface isn't taboo there.
    • In fact 1.05 million of the 27 million Borneans think it's good.

Nova Lusitania

  • Started off as [REDACTED], born as a vent country against The Unspeakable, before being rewritten just like how Edwardia ended up becoming Patagonia.
  • In a nutshell: [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • We are neither [Portugal in the Amazon with a German minority] nor [the forgotten state of not-Brazil]!


  • Brazilian Gauchos are very real.
  • Lots of similarities to Borneo due to the countries having an affinity with each other:
    • Blackface isn't taboo, but there actually started off as a tradition.
    • They'll also never be able to (wish to) air Miraculous because they know what happened in Malichka.
  • Shibuyabot is from there.
    • Stop calling him a Tokyo Machine ripoff.


  • Used to be Edwardia, meant as a vent country against The Unspeakable. Later rewritten to be more original.
  • Lives up to literally every Anglophone country stereotype.
  • Not to be confused with Eus-qai-nia.


  • Your accent makes you sound like Memeulous.
    • Then some random nonce somehow gains access to their home, and leaves a really dodgy-looking trail of M&M's for them to follow.
    • Innit?
    • I'm a Roadman and I was born one.
  • Home of the wackiest shows to ever rock the Southern Hemisphere:
  • Just like America, has a sizeable German majority in the state of Kent.
    • And has a French majority in Chubut. Just like Joebloxianland.
      • There are also Louisiana French too.
  • Home to Patagonian English, a dialect of British English that sounds like the fornication of Welsh English and British English with Mapudungun and French.
    • The second one, as well as Kawésqar, happen to be de facto official.
  • Who says there are no Africans in Patagonia? 2% of the population is Afro-Patagonian.
    • They're bound to either be Zulu or Bafokeng. Drip much?
    • Some whites even assimilated, and now go around wearing blackface. Much to the ire of the Christian Alliance.
  • Your favorite kind of music depends on the city you live in.
    • The capital, Monttsburg, has four: rock, hip-hop, EDM and...classical.
    • Rivadavia City is probably the edgiest city in South America due to their metalcore fanaticism.
    • In Higginsburg, everyone likes chiptune and synthwave because they're stuck in the Eighties.
  • Patagonia's ethnography makes it seem like America 2, seeing how they're mostly white, with some blacks, some Asians, some Latinos and a sizeable minority of natives.
    • Who says there are no Africans in Patagonia? 2% of the population is Afro-Patagonian.
      • They're bound to either be Zulu or Bafokeng. Drip much?
      • Some whites even assimilated, and now go around wearing blackface. Much to the ire of the Christian Alliance, comprised of the centre-right National Party, the far-right Peoples' Front for Freedom and the Christian liberalist People of New Israel.
    • Plus there are Hutterites (Tyroleans who moved to Moravia and Hungary, then Transylvania, then Wallachia and then Ukraine before going to the US) who were invited from Canada and the US.
      • And Mennonites (they're in Argentina too).
      • Don't forget the Amish, a bunch of Swiss and Rheinlanders who are so not into modern technology.
    • The Olędrzy (Polish Dutch) also have minority populations in Patagonia.
      • As do Palatines (Germans from the Palatinate who settled in England and then the US).
      • And also the Hunsrückisch (who came from Hunsruck to Canada, America and Brazil).
      • And some Walsers, Danube Swabians, Carpathian Germans and many many many more German groups. And now you thought Pennsylvania was that German.
    • On the other hand, a lot of the English in Patagonia are from any one of these parts of England: Cumbrians, East Anglians, Dorsetines, West Midlanders, Cockneys and Geordies.
      • Are the Scots Hebrideans and Highlanders?
        • Yeah, according to Wikipedia.
    • French are mostly a mix of Quebecers and Acadians with traces of Huguenots. Mainland French are little, just as much as French Argentines.
    • Hispanophone Patagonians are mostly a stew of Chileans, Argentines and descendants of Spanish settlers from Leon, Andalusia and Galicia.