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call me FiveSixEightNine.

Where I'm Live

  • Gapia: Guara Nampur, Pacifilavia
  • Aventia: Chikou, Kyantuly
  • Darvia: Novyynsk, Yugradia

List of My (Flagship) Countries

  • Flag of Nertania 1994.png Netralia (My first country also the first country on Fic Wiki)
  • 1200px-Flag of Martania.png Herkatia
  • Flag of Kyantuly.png Kyantuly
  • 1280px-Flag of Karakistan.png Sagdia (half belongs to Duncan/KTBFB)
  • Flag of Malceau.png Malceau
  • Flag of Irtotasia.png Irtotasia
  • Maghrebsia

My Former Countries

  • Ralesia (now owned by KMFStudios/Kammiesworld2013)
  • coming soon

Software I used

  • My OS: Windows 11
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape